How to power down the system gracefully

I’ve a TinkerBoard, but it’s not that the issue.
I’m asking whether there’s a chance to switch the board off completely. While using ALarm it will turn off as expected. Even when started by Linaro and Armbian it works.
Furthermore, there’s an option that shorting two pins the system will turn off. But if I give the command from Lovelace, then it won’t do much.
Any clue ?

Well, the details will depend on how you installed Home Assistant. If you can tell us that, as explained in the sticky post then probably we can tell you.

Oops, I forgotten again the details :frowning_face: . I use the provided image. then, using HassOS

I don’t think it supports that, but I’ll move your post to the right section so that those who use it are more likely to see it.