How to (re)set password in the android companion app

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Here is the thing. Somehow the hassio app on my son’s phone got a wrong password… (Appears in the notification when he tries to use the app) - So can someone please tell me how and where I can change the password in the app. I only got as far as screen where there is “settings”, “refresh external url” and “wait” . I searched in settins but afaik I cannot change the credentials from there. “Refresh external url” is pointless - does not do anything and i do not want to “wait”
Please help. I seriously hope there is an other option the delete all app-settings…
(Needless to say - the phone of my wife and daughter works fine - and so does mine - and i can change their of my own password but that when the app successfully opened…)

if the app is already at the point where it thinks its logged in but the credentials are no longer working (most likely you deleted the token if the password was not changed) then its best to start over on that device because things are out of flux, the app is not even being told by the HA frontend it needs to reauthenticate which it does indeed do that but here something is out of place.

Okidoki - will do that and see what happens

I have same problem, and tried to solve it by uninstall the app and then install it again, but all settings remained, and also authorization.
How do I reset the authorization? I could not find anything about that in the link above.

You are supposed to follow those steps to solve it. Uninstall and reinstall triggers auto back up so that is not correct.

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