How to reach Configurator and Glances via DuckDNS on Hassbian

I’m kind of stuck in my attempts to use Glances and Configurator inside my HA on Hassbian.
I have a working DuckDNS/Let’s Encrypt setup for my HA instance on port 8123.
I have made the Configurator and Glances autostart services on boot and linked them in my panel_iframe. Problem is they don’t show up inside HA, only if I reach them in my browser directly.
Both are stil using HTTP, Not HTTPS, so that’s most likely where the problem is. But, newby as I am, have no clue how to make Configurator (port 3218) and Glances (port 61208) use the HTTPS.
Anyone who can help, please (in newby-terms) pass some advice/ideas/help, much appreciated!