How to read data from BLE device and MQTT broker

I’ve an HA installation that hosts a Mosquitto MQTT server.
Than I’ve an OpenMQTT gateway installed on an ESP32 device.
By this way, every BLE device sends data to OpenMQTT gateway and it sends data to Mosquitto MQTT broker.
But, if the BLE client device isn’t connected to a BLE server, it sends only few data like this:
If I want to see data from a specific Service and Characteristcs I must issue a command like this:

mosquitto_pub -u test_user -P xxxxxx -t home/OMG_ESP32_BLE/commands/MQTTtoBT/config -m '{
  "ttl": 4 }'

So that I’ve this:

The question is:
is there any way to send automatically and repeatedly this command from HA dashboard?
I.e. using a sensor or something like this?
The final purpose is to have BLE characteristic’s value showed on the HA dashboard and regularly updates - i.e. - every second.
Any idea?
Thanks in advace.