How to read Home Assistant notifications out loud inside of Lovelace

Very new to this, and after looking around for a while I haven’t found a solution yet. My desired functionality is to have the regular persistent notifications (that appear in the sidebar) appear in a lovelace card and more importantly, be read out loud to any device that currently has lovelace open. My use case is that I have a tablet serving as a control panel as well as a monitor on my computer dedicated to the lovelace view. Speaker announcements are difficult to hear while I have headphones in, and getting it announced through lovelace would just be far cleaner for my situation than using notify’s TTS features.

Is there any way to have the Home Assistant lovelace announce/read out the default persistent notifications?

I cant help on the part, how do you make a persistent notification passed to a notify service.

But to send TTS messages to a Android tabled I successfully use LANnouncer - Home Assistant for more than two years now, it never failed… :wink:

I was able to send TTS to my phone and tablet with the default notify service easily enough, but the issue I have is that the tablet speakers are often too quiet to hear when I am working with my headphones on. Ideally the notification would come through my computer as well, preferably just through lovelace. I was hoping there was a simple “Accessibility” feature I was missing that read notifications out loud, or some other method of using the lovelace itself as a TTS speaker.

Does HASS.Agent: Windows client to receive notifications, use commands, sensors, quick actions and more! not solve that? Is not thru Lovelace, but close enough…

Hmmm this could work, I will have to give it a closer look. Ideally I would want it through lovelace so I dont have to do this on each computer I want to have this functionality, but at least this is a way forward, thanks!

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