How to read right amount of coffe cups made?

I try to use a Blitzwolf SPH13 wallplug to count the amount of coffee cups made with my automatic espresso machine.
Thats not working right:

This gives a count of 4 cups made. But it is actually 2,
The first peak is heating up (Not making coffee) the second peak is making coffee.
The 3th peak is start making coffee, wait a few seconds (part of the brewing mode), and go on making coffee. Also counting 2 coffee’s instead of 1.
My trigger:

Any idea’s to calculate the right amount of coffee set?
Or is this impossible?

My guess would be trigger on a consumption (power, not cafeïne :grin:) above a certain threshold combined with a condition to avoid triggering again within a certain timeframe.
This might fail though if you make 2 coffees after each other.

Thanks good idea

I changed the sequence in:

and a test with a function node:

now testing :grinning: :sunglasses:

Do you always get 2 spikes per Coffee? Then simply divide by 2 ^^

Otherwise maybe you can also play around with the statistics sensor:

Which should give you the option to monitor the power consumption of the blitzwolf and smooth out the curve a bit with the correct settings.