How to read switch status from Shelly Plus 1?

I am using one of the new shelly plus 1 devices to remote control an appliance. The device has a SW input to detect if a switch is active. This can be either used to directly control the shelly device or it can be set as detached and used as a separate sensor. In that case, how would I access the state of SW from HA? The standard integration does not provide any sensor for the switch state.

Thanks for any ideas.

Either way, you should see a binary sensor named “(Device Name) Input” that shows the current state of the physical switch. I think in my most recent addition of a Shelly Plus 1PM I had to manually enable this sensor, i.e. by default it was hidden behind a “+1 entity not shown” link in the “Sensors” section of the device configuration.

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Unfortunately it’s not there, I run the Shelly Plus 1 without the PM. Other sensors do show (also binary like cloud), but not the SW input of my Shelly plus 1.

Is there any update on this? I would like to read the state from a Shelly Plus 1 using the native Home Assistant Shelly integration. However, no sensor is created when adding a Shelly Plus 1.

You have to enable it here.

I’m facing the same issue. I don’t have a sensor and I can’t see an option to enable one. I do have a hidden Event but that’s not giving me something as straightforward as a binary_sensor

Update: Found the solution in another thread. Change the Input/output settings to Switch.