How to recover and fsck? (failed due Out of disk space)


When restarting after out of disk space failure, it was displaying messages about fsck:
(This is Ova VM version)

It looks like embedded Docker container issue?

found out in form about using login here

And then it wouldn’t boot and opened into ha shell. In that shell there’s no fsck and I just want to ask what is the safe boot procedure to check the disk.
Eventually, after two more reboot attempts it started normally by itself, but I am concerned that corrupt blocks are still there,.
The Haos guide didn’t help me.

  1. If I get into “emergency” shell situation again, how to I fsck from here?
  2. Now It booted normally, what do I do to run fsck, and/or anything else need to do for maintenance?

Thank you.

What hypervisor are you using ?

It is called simply “Virtual Machine Manager”

Never heard of that one. If it was Virtualbox, I would simply mount the .VDI in a Debian VM, and run fsck from there.

That would be QEMU/libvirtd/KVM based. I compose those things/images myself mostly as a flat image file, but yours might by qcow2 format. That is more complicated to mount on the host but can be done.

The EXT4 error could be non-permanent, the filesystem is extended at that time, but I am not an expert on EXT4, I don’t really use it.