How to recover configuration.yaml from the SD card on Windows?


I’ve just added Broadlink sensor support on Configuration.yaml, check config OK, then reboot Home Assistant server. It cannot boot up again for some reason. If I access its 8123 port, it only show 404 not found.

How can I undo this? I cannot access FTP, nor Hass frontend to open file editor. Plug the SD card into Windows, I can only see a RAW partition. I cannot find configuration.yaml anywhere to remove the part I added.

Please help me.

Using diskinternals Linux reader, you can read the card from windows, but you can’t make changes.
If you don’t have a Linux computer, download a Linux live CD to make the changes.
Oh, and when you have access again, install the samba and ssh add-ons so you can access configuration.yaml remote.

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After looking around for a while, I have to install VirtualBox on my PC, then boot Linux Mint, and I can edit the configuration.yaml on the SD card and plug it back to the Pi.

It’s frustrating when the “Check Configuration” return OK, but then upon restart, it brick the Rasberry Pi.