How to reload the "Wiz Light" integration via API/Pyscript?

Hey all, hoping someone can help me out here.

I have a bunch of Wiz lights outside my house that I control with a custom script to display various color animations. For the most part this works awesome.

However, I occasionally run into an issue where someone will “manually” turn these lights off. When this happens, it will sometimes break the wiz light integration to the point that I have to restart HA entirely to get the integration to re-detect all the lights.

I see a few posts discussing how to use the API to reload an integration, but it doesn’t seem as if the wiz light integration has the reload functionality.

So, hoping maybe someone out there more versed in api/pyscript stuff can help me out with some other way to force the wiz integration to reload before starting my light animation.

Or, alternatively, if there’s “some other way” to force HA to re-check all of my wiz lights…I’m guessing that would work as well.

I would expect that the “reload config entry” service would be able to reload the integration. It should work for every integration that can be setup from the UI.

I use the automation below to reload the Logitech Harmony entry if it is unavailable for 30 minutes.

alias: Reload Harmony when unavailable
description: ""
  - platform: state
    entity_id: remote.logitech_harmony
    to: unavailable
      hours: 0
      minutes: 30
      seconds: 0
condition: []
  - service: homeassistant.reload_config_entry
    data: {}
      device_id: ca62430d060a40ab8237ac696ed50372
mode: single