How to remotely control a led on a PIR with an ESP device?

I have this pir Satel SLIM-PIR

I want to connect this PIR to a Wemos D1 Mini like this:

On this PIR you could remotely enable or disable the led.

To do this you have to connect the LED connector to the ground.

When the LED connector is connect to the ground, the led is activated. When it is not connected to the ground, the led is disactivated.

How can I connect this to the Wemos? The Wemos has a different power then the PIR. Is the only option to connect a relais to a digital output on the Wemos and connect the ground of the 12V power adapter to it?

This is the manual of the PIR

Instead of a mechanic relais there are also solid state relays.

But I see that they don’t work with DC but only with AC.

Is there no such a device which can switch DC?