How to remotely use rpi_rf platform from home assistant?

I have home assistant running in docker on a VM. I want to use this platform to transmit codes from a raspberry pi that is on my network. How can I remotely send codes on a raspberry pi controlled by a “switch” in Home Assistant?
Any suggestions will help.

So you have a rpi with a rf module, ha installed and the rpi-rf integration, and you want another ha in a VM to instruct the pi to send rf code, is it correct?

You’d probably best to install an mqtt (mosquito) to have the 2 ha instances to talk to each other.

I had a similar idea of having ha installed on the RPI as well but I was using a Zero for this project so it would not easily handle all of that. However I did come across something last night that I think will at least get me to where I need to be.
I found this integration. Using this I can toggle a GPIO pin on the RPI from home assistant as a switch. Now I just need a script running on the RPI to monitor the GPIO pin and when it detects the state change simply send the code through the transmitter. I won’t be able to use the original library I wanted to, however this should result in the same solution.

Hello, can You share how to do that because I cannot. I have pgpio errorr in logs of HA.

Hello, the two suggestions I can give you is to make sure your raspberry pi is set to accept Remote access of the GPIO pins. Try to follow this guide here.
The second suggestion is something I noticed and don’t have a better solution yet. If I had everything working but restarted my raspberry pi the integration would break. I would then need to restart Home Assistant before the integration would work. So simply try restarting Home Assistant if everything else is working.

Hi, thanks for Your help. I have also in home DVBT SDR-RTL usb stick

like this from another project and I consider to connect it directly to my Home Assistant miniPC. Meybe that will be better option. I find topic for that: 7$ USD 433 mhz sensor reader to MQTT
What do You think?

It looks like a cool device you have. I personally have not done much work with any Radio Frequency scanners so I cannot provide any advice on how this will work with Home Assistant. If you have questions about this device integration, it may be a good idea to create a new post. Sorry I could not be of further assistance.

Hi, I use that cheap usb stick for my openplotter project to recive signals from ships.
Now I try that but it don’t see any signals from my curtains pilot or I dont know how to use it.
I find also that tutorial and I think it will be the best option to send data with MQTT: Pi Camera Doorbell with Notifications! -