How to remove 1 device from TuyaLocal?

This is just getting on my nervs. All ready set up many items and last item make mistake. Now it seems that only option is start all over again. Just because single mistake, forgot to unclick “do not add more entities” Wanted to add consumption that device.

So is there way do delete the “switch” or add entities to that switch without delete localtuya and start all over again?

GUI gives error when try to remove last entity, I see this is reported before also.

Is this so that there is no fix to this remove device and/or re-configure it? Just missed to add consumption sensor.

Work around I reset the device and it got new local key, hope no need to re-install all devices on HA, have them all ready quite much.

For those of you who have stumbled upon this thread because you are about to rip your hair out over these hanging devices, follow the steps below:

This has worked for me 100% of the time. First thing you want to do is go into your localtuya configuration → edit the device you are trying to remove → (leave your entity checked, and submit → on the entity screen, toggle the passive setting on entity→ submit → reload integration, and that’s it!!!

Go into your device and delete the device. This will also delete the entity.

(Note: If you have multiple entities, you may have to do this on each entity when you are editing the config.)