How to remove a ZWave device I no longer have?

Hi all,

So I had a problem with one of my devices and had to sent it back for a replacement. I didn’t think to unpair it before sending it so I no longer have it. How do I remove it? it wasn’t a failed node so I can’t use the Replace Failed Node functionality, unfortunately.

Any ideas?

you should have the node showing up as ‘buffer’ something? from memory…? (i cant quite remember, something other than ‘Node:# Complete’ anyway) Then select it and hit “remove failed node”. Pretty sure you will need to restart HA for it to take effect.

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Thank you so much, that did it! I didn’t know that was considered a failed node at that point as the node attributes said is_failed=false.

I’ve now managed to get this issue, so that my logs are showing:

Unknown Node 19 Temperature (node_id: 19) not ready after 30 seconds, continuing anyway

But I dont understand WHERE the node should show up and where to delete? I can find it as “unknown” i zwave device mgmt, but no “remove failed node” anywhere?

Any help appreciated.

I also have an unknown Z-Wave mode that cannot be removed because it says “is_failed”: false.

The steps described here are confusing and I cannot reproduce them:

  1. Go to the States menu under Developer tools in the Home Assistant frontend

  2. Click on the name of the zwave. entity you want to remove

  3. Make note of the entity’s “node_id” value as you will need to re-add the “node_id” attribute and value in step 4.

  4. At the top, edit the JSON attributes to replace false with true for "is_failed": false, so that it reads "is_failed": true. Also add the “node_id” value to the number listed in the entity’s attribute.

  5. Click Set State

  6. Go to the Z-Wave control panel in the Home Assistant frontend

  7. Click the Remove Failed Node button in the Z-Wave Node Management card

  8. The device will now be removed, but that won’t show until you restart Home Assistant

I’m on a quest for this very same issue.
I already tried this trick of Removing Failed Node, but after a HASSIO reboot it is still there in “CacheLoad” state.
When I try to use the Remove Failed Node command I get the following entry on the zwave log:

2020-12-29 21:58:18.930 Warning, contrlr, WARNING: Received reply to FUNC_ID_ZW_REMOVE_FAILED_NODE_ID - Node not found

So I suspect that the device is no longer associated with the zwave gateway, but somehow it is still associated somewhere in HASSIO.

Any other ideas?