How to remove mobile app integration?

This is probably stupid but how do I uninstall this integration? I don’t have any “…”

Annotation 2020-08-18 180430

EDIT: Now that I look at it, any integration that has a list does not have the ellipses.
Pihole, minecraft, mobile app, wled.

I don’t know if I should repost this in a different location but I just want to uninstall / reinstall to get my notifications working.

I had to manually delete each device then the integration itself.

How do I re-install the integration? I had to replace my phone so I had some remnants of the old phone. I ended up deleting both phones on the integration and then the integration thinking it would re-sync and re-appear…but no love. Thoughts?

There’s a nice troubleshooting section on the docs that covers these steps. I’d start there