How to remove Oral-B integration?

Out of curiosity, I had installed the Oral-B integration* I frequently see discovered Oral-B toothbrushes, but have no use for it. One of the reasons for this is that I am constantly being shown strange unknown toothbrushes as newly discovered devices, which I don’t like.

I would now like to at least deactivate this integration, but actually uninstall it completely. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to do that. Maybe I’m too stupid to do this, but unfortunately I couldn’t find this in the usual places. I am only shown new toothbrushes again and again, which I can then at best ignore.

How and where can I do that, please?

(*) Edit: I learned that it came together with the Bluetooth integration.

You have to turn off bluetooth by removing it from default config. That means you have to separate default config into it’s separate integrations in your configuration.yaml file with only bluetooth removed. Or you can simply ignore them in the UI by clicking the ignore button (or whatever it’s called).

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Thank you @petro for your response!

But is there a way to use Bluetooth while not using Oral-B? For example I track some devices like a TV and a speaker via Bluetooth. Seems like I have to choose between all or nothing.

That is exactly what I want to avoid and the main reason why I started this topic. I would love to stop any Oral-B notifications like that. As I wrote, they appear every now and then and it’s not neccessarily my own toothbrush.

That is correct, all or nothing.

Yep, this is the downside of BLE. You catch everything.

Thanks, @petro, for the clarification!

Although it is not the solution I was longing for, I have marked it as such. :wink:

Perhaps this is a feature request?
Add a list of ignored MAC addresses BLE ignores

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it’s already a feature request

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The hacky way to disable a builtin integration would be to create some NOOP custom component with the same name, I guess.