How to remove specific imported device (not all)

After going from Domoticz to HA I got all my zwave devices imported. Some devices didnt work (separated forum thread) so I went back to domoticz and deleted them (remove node, proper way).

Some devices work so i don’t want to remove the integration in total - but how to remove some specific devices? The ones i removed from domoticz are still there.

Three options:

  1. Ignore it.

  2. Delete the whole integration and start again.

  3. Edit your .storage files.

If opting for option 3 there are some things to consider. These files are not meant to be user editable and you have the potential to stop HA from starting if done incorrectly. Having said that it is fairly easy and you can take some precautions.

  1. Make a copy of your .storage folder and move the copy somewhere safe (off the system drive preferably).
  2. Stop home assistant.
  3. Open the three core.… files and remove any entries pertaining to your device. Making sure to maintain the file structure. Pay close attention to braces and commas.
  4. Save the files and restart home assistant.
  5. If home assistant refuses to start, replace the .storage folder from the copy you made (using or SAMBA or SSH). Try again.

This has been my main gripe with the entity registry since it was introduced.

Appreciate the help, thx.

If i go for opt 2, how will the main controller appear?Right now its shown in the integration, if I delete the total integration, restart hass, where will I see the main controller, do I need to add it somehow? I have a bit difficult to undertance how a new zwave instace will appear.

Did it appear when you first set up the integration?

If so I see no reason why it would not appear again.

But… as a non domoticz user I don’t know for sure, sorry.

Ok, thx Tom

You can try but I don’t think that will work since it is stored on the Zwave stick itself. I had to use zensys tools to remove some errant entities after ignoring for so long.

This link on the openHAB forums is where I found it. There is a writeup somewhere on the same forum to remove an entity with the software.

Ok… I was a bit worried about how to proceed, I ended up going back to domoticz and excluded everything, after that reset to zwave stick (toothpick 20 sec). When I plugged in the stick config yaml was working and I have now added all sensors again. All connected and I hope it will continue to work.

Thanks again for all replies

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Not OP, but I have the same issue, but not because I came from Domoticz. I just have old entries that are driving me nuts in my integration page. I had Zwave setup from before HA had the concept of integrations. If I were to delete the integration and then readd it, is there any other kind of set up I need to do? It would screw with my nodes right? I’m just not sure what to expect in terms of effort after removing/readding the integration.

For zwave you should delete the unwanted nodes in the zwave control panel.

I don’t want to delete the nodes. I want to delete extra entries that are showing up on the integration page. There’s a lot of entries from nodes that used to exist, but no longer. I can tell which ones as they no longer have any child entities.