How to remove the ESPHome integration

I accidently deleted an ESPHome device in the ESPHome Integration (Inside the ESPHome integration tile I clicked on the device / pressed on the three vertical dots / pressed on “Delete”). The device does not “get back” when I reboot Home Assistant.

Now I want to delete the ESPHome integration and re-add the integration to see if my ESPHome devices are auto-discovered.
However, the integration tile does not have the “three vertical dots” (like the other integrations) where I expect the “Delete option”

Question: How do I delete the integration? Or is there a way to force a discovery of the missing ESPHome device?

There’s no need for that. Just click on the add integration button and select ESPHome and enter the IP address of the device. It will combine with the existing list of ESPHome integrations.

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If you don’t know the ip address you can enter the host which is usually. “Node_name”.local

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That’ll do too. Static IPs for the nodes have advantages though…

Definitely. I switch all mine to static as soon as I can

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Thank you all!
I didn’t know I could add a device.