How to remove / unpair a device from Sonoff RF Bridge (Tasmota)

Hi Guys

Anyone know how to remove a device that has been linked to a Sonoff RF Bridge running Tasmota? I linked a door sensor to my bridge but it was just on the edge of the range of the unit so kept losing its connection so I bought a second bridge which I have linked it to but it doesn’t seem to be happy to be linked to two bridges so want to unlink it from the first bridge.

I did a reset on the bridge and reconfigured it hoping it would forget the door sensor but it didn’t.


Link a 433mhz sensor to a sonoff rf bridge ? First time I hear of this. These door sensors just transmit a signal when they open (and depending on the model when they close), but they have no idea if their signal is picked up by 1,2, or 100 bridges.

Not sure I understand you, is that not the very purpose of this device to take a low frequency RF device (433mhz) and make it addressable on an IP network? Either way this was not my question…

The sensor in question is the Sonoff DW2 so yes it sends a payload for open and closed and yes I agree in principal its a passive device that should be able to link up to multiple bridges without even realizing it BUT for my own peace of mind given that its not working as it should even in my simple environment I would prefer to unlink it from the first bridge.

On a side note, I’ve played around the RfKey command in the console and couldn’t reset a key / port.

I don’t understand your question. There is nothing to unlink, because there is no link. Your door sensor transmits, your rfbridge receives, but you can’t stop your rfbridge to pick up one particular signal.

When the DW2 changes state from open to closed for example its sending this to both bridges because I have linked it to both of them, I want it to only send its state change to 1 bridge and not both, since its linked to both I need to unlink it from the first bridge.

You don’t understand the principles of 433mhz. There is no way you can stop a rfbridge from receiving a transmission.

I’m pretty comfortable with RF technologies in the broader sense.

To simplify my question… Lets assume I add a 3rd RF bridge to my network and do not put it into RF learn mode (see below) to acknowledge the DW2 signal it would then as you correctly point out receive this signal but because it hasn’t been told to interpret or do anything with the signal will ignore it, agree?

Now, we’re back to the 2 devices which have been told to acknowledge these signals, I want one of them to stop acknowledging the signals it receives.

RfKey Send learned or default RF data for RfKey (x = 1 – 16 )
1 = send default RF data for RfKey using RfSync, RfLow, RfHigh and RfHost parameters
2 = learn RF data for RfKey
3 = unlearn RF data for RfKey
4 = save RF data using RfSync, RfLow, RfHigh and last RfCode parameters
5 = show default or learned RF data
6 = send learned RF data

Now I understand what you mean with ‘link my dw2 to my rfbridge’. You have used the rfkey mechanism of tasmota to assign your dw2 signal to a rfkey button and want to undo that.

Say you assigned your dw2 to rfkey1, In the tasmota console simply enter the command

rfkey1 3

You will still get regular rfreceived messages for your dw2, but no rfkey messages anymore.