How to remove wrong electricity meter reading

I’ve recently got the energy monitoring working with my smart meter via the Samsung SmartThings integration. Mostly it has been working great.

However, yesterday, for some reason the integration read my meter as 0 at one single point, and then was back to normal within a couple of minutes. However, the integration interpreted that as consuming that amount of electricity, which means my consumption for that day (and any timeframe including that day) is off-the-charts high.

Is there any way I can remove the rogue reading?

Thanks, but I don’t think that lets me set a historical value.

@krskrab please stop suggesting that. It may be part of the solution if people are using the Utility Meter but it does not change the history data in the recorder database that the energy dashboard uses.

@markauk , there’s a community guide on how to do this:

@tom_l Thank you very much. That let me fix it.