How to rename a ZWaveJS2MQTT device?

Good morning :slight_smile:
I am Running ZwaveJS2MQTT on a Pi, and Home-Assistant on another server.
I have changed the name from NodeID_46 o zwave_40 in ZwaveJS2MQTT, but I see the JSON is not updated, how can i in the best way rename this and let home-assistant re-discover these entities?

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Are you using the HA mqtt discovery or websockets?

Also that doesn’t look like the latest version of zwavejs2mqtt. You might need to update to go any further.

Hi! Did you get a solution to this, yet?

I’m having the same issue. Running ZwaveJS2MQTT through Mosquitto to HA. I added a new node and it got added to HA as “node_158” and it was working. I renamed the node in ZwaveJS2MQTT and no matter what, I cannot control the node from HA anymore.

Tried “Clear Retained” and “Update Topics” on the node in ZwaveJS2MQTT, deleting the device from HA and restarting Mosquitto and HA, but the node is rediscovered in HA as node_158 instead of the new name I gave it in ZwaveJS2MQTT and I can’t control it from HA.

I woudn’t like to update to a newer version of ZwaveJS2MQTT if possible, because that would require a restart and re-interviewing all 115 nodes will take a long time (especially as half of them are battery powered)…