How to rename notify service created by mobile app integration?

is it possible to rename (or create an alias name) the notify service created by mobile companion app integration?
Now when I add a phone, new notify service is created with a name for example: notify.mobile_app_sm_g955f_jerry, problem is that this notify service is used in multiple places like automations, Node-Red, etc… and when I get a new phone, I have to manually go through everything and change the notification service.

I would like to create an alias or rename the service to a static name, so when I get a new phone I would just change the name in one place.
Thank you

You could use a notify group.


I always forget about the groups. This is exactly what I need :slight_smile: Thank you @Rusty

I just change the name in the app. I have Android but not sure if you can change it in IOS.


I also have Android, and yes I know you can change the name, but the name will still be prefixed with mobile_app_(name). Which means that if I, for some reason, don’t use the mobile app for notifications or I want to use different channel, I would still need to go through my automations and Node-Red and change it from mobile_app… to something else. Groups are probably best solution, because I can create a group for each person, and only manage their devices/notification channels in the group, or I can even send a notification to more devices in the group at the same time.

Fair enough, not what you originally asked though

I am not saying your answer is incorrect. For sure it would work, and for someone it could be better and easier to set up directly in the app (if I didn’t know about the group, I would probably use it too :slight_smile:). But in terms of flexibility and possibilities, the groups are better solution, with the benefit of being able to use more channels, etc…
Anyways thanks for your input :slight_smile:

But how do you do that?

Go to the Mobile App Integration page and just change the device name

I have tried that …


But the phone model is still wrong and the notify service doesn’t change name…


(I’m now running on a Mi 11 Lite)

OK, go to the Companion App settings on your phone and change the Device Name there. You might need to remove and re-add the integration in HA, or reload it


Companion App settings ?

In the mobile app, click on configuration, then on Companion App, Device Name is in there


Awesome - works like a charm!

This is a nice tip — really annoying that each user has to make this change on their device tho, would be nice to be able to name this for everyone as the admin.

this did work for some time, but not anymore.

the weird thing is i see both services, one with the old and one with the new name.
but only the old name works, even if i change the name in the companion app.
also i did forcefully stop the app, but that did not work either.

so this is a very weird one. what else could i try?