How to rename similar friendly names of entities


I have a lot of entities that have generated friendly names.
A lot of the names start with identical long generic descriptions.
The interesting part of the name (like power vs current) is cut on the default lovelace dashboard.

Is there an efficient way to change the long generic parts to something shorter?
I found a way by clicking through every entity but there are so many that this is not practical.
I search for something I can automate like using sed on a config file but so far couldn’t find it…

Go to each Integration/Devices Click on the Device, then click the Pencil in top.right corner, and rename , Then you get a question whether you will rename every entities belong to that Device.
It’s faster than renaming one by one, but still

Best is to do such when installing a Device :wink: ( Every Time ), And also find your self some “Naming strategy” , There are Topic/Suggestions in the Forum, Just use the Search Function, if you want “Inspirations/Ideas”