How to rename z wave entity IDs in new way?

I opened an issue for this on GitHub, but I’m not certain it is actually an issue. It’s more likely that I am doing something wrong :blush:

I’ve found that I can rename the entities under the zwave domain, but any entities in other domains (light, switch, etc.) do not reflect the name that I supplied.

Is this the expected behavior? Can I rename sub entities from the zwave domain? What am I doing wrong?

That looks right. The entity is family_room_lights and it’s sub entities then append their relevant suffix, even if there’s only a single sub-entity (eg _switch).

Why does the entity in the light domain have an attribute new_entity_id that shows it with that appended then?

Presumably for the same reason that switches have _switch appended. I’ve no idea what that is, I’ve simply observed that it’s the way OpenZWave does it.

Ah, I meant to say with OUT it appended :slight_smile: but I actually went and doubled checked. That attribute does show the entity id with the appended value. I must have been looking at the zwave node when I found that before.

Homeassistant doesn’t support changing entity IDs in flight. You must restart to see updated IDs.