How to renew dhcp lease

I have problems with dhcp leases that are not renewed correctly.

I have setup a rpi4 on my network as replacement for my old rpi2. I need the ip-address of the new rpi to be the same as the old because multiple devices connect to the mqtt-broker on that address.

At first boot the rpi4 booted and was assigned an ip-address through dhcp.
I changed the setup in the router to static dhcp assignment for the relevant mac-address.
I expected that a reboot would cause the rpi4 to get the assigned ip-address. Or at least when the lease duration ran out.
But now after multiple network disconnects, multiple reboots of both router and rpi4 and multiple days (lease time is 24hrs), it is still stuck on the initially assigned ip-address.

How do I make the rpi forget the currently assiged ip and aquire a new one from the dhcp-server?

system: rpi4 4gb; hassos 4.10; hass 0.111.4


Have you tried the following:

Optional - set up the Wi-Fi or a static IP address. There are two possible places for that: on a blank USB stick with a FAT32 partition having partition label CONFIG, while in its root directory, create the network/my-network file, or on the Home Assistant SD card’s first, bootable partition (labeled hassos-boot, might not be auto mounted in Linux) create the CONFIG/network/my-network file.

As listed in the install documentation here.

If you don’t want the Pi4 to get the initially assigned ip-address, assign that address in the router to another mac. Invent one if necessary.

@francisp I have already done that. it just seems like the rpi4 does not try to renew - just keeps the existing one…

@galv83 - thanks for the proposal.
I have looked at that - but since I am not near the setup that often I was looking at a solution like the ipconfig /renew on windows…
But since no other proposals have been made it seems like I have to do that.

@taugusti. I had the exact same issue and this instructions worked for me.

basically attach a keyboard and screen and login the host command line then use nmcli to turn off the net interface and then on it will trigger the renew of the IP address.

what do you mean?

Sorry to hear you can’t see the website. I have no trouble with that website. in any case I also provided a description of the actions to take.

Additionally, in pro of a more constructive conversation I will give you some suggestions:
Instead of “Link is virus infected !!!” or “Exactly what I write - my virusscanner screams at me when I click it…”
you could try “My antivirus (insert brand of antivirus) flags this website as unsafe with (insert threat or virus name) detected.”

This way you can help me understand what is the problem or if I should be concerned.