How to reopen the "install window"

I have an install running and I moved away from this install “window” (where one can see the install logs live) in the HA GUI (I went to the overview).

Is there a way to get back to it? If I click “ESPHome” in the right hand side, I see all my ESPhome devices, but the install log is not visible anymore…

Click the LOGS link at the bottom of the device card in the ESPHome dashboard. If the install has finished you will just see the serial logs for the device.

ok thanks. Somehow I thought it was not finished and I was seeing the serial logs anyway, because Home Assistant settings say I still need to update this ESPhome device. But looking at the serial logs, I am on the correct/new ESPhome version already, so upgrade already completed.


Clear your web browser cache.

I did, I even opened the HA GUI on my mobile, it shows that an update is due for this device everywhere. It’s like HA didn’t notice the upgrade completed, or it got stuck somewhere.

But the endpoint is running the right version, so upgrade must have been successful…

Actually I had that a couple of times now that I think of it, every time the install log froze. I always assumed the install failed and clicked “retry” but maybe it actually was successful and something in HA didn’t correct take note of the successful upgrade, maybe due to install logs frozen…

Correction: I was looking at the wrong line in the logs. The first line said “2024.2.2” but that’s the version on HA, not the version on the device. The device did not upgrade, something got stuck.

Back to the original question: if install failed, where can I see what happened if I clicked away?

Just try the install again.

It was successful this time.

I can’t see what went wrong the first time then?

:man_shrugging: We’ll never know.

If I see the install log hang (nothing happening anymore and HA CPU load stopped), is there a specific (other) log I could look at?

ok, so I reproduced the original issue: I started an esphome for a specific device from the “settings” section and then wanted to see install logs. This is not possible, clicking logs under “esphome” section for the appropriate device will show me the normal OTA logs, that’s it, not the install logs.

Install logs are only visible when pressing “install” under the esphome section. And even there, if closing the window, it’s impossible to go back to it somehow.