How to reset integration sensor on the 1st of the month

I’m using the integration sensor in combination with a pulse sensor to monitor the total water use to water my lawn. It shows up as total gallons used. As I water my lawn the pulse sensor counts the gallons and adds to the current number.

I know I can use the sensor.integration.reset action to reset the count. But I can only find a way to reset it at a given time of day. I’d like to reset it on the 1st of every month, or the 5th of every month, or whatever day lines up with my water billing cycle. That way I can set a “budget” of water usage in a given billing cycle and use it as a condition to prevent the lawn from being watered if I’m over budget. Does anyone know how I can do this?

I think you could use this

That’s what I needed. Thanks!

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i have the same issue of resetting the INTEGRATION sensor, but the one inside HA (configure.yaml) Are there any hints how to ?? Up to now i could not find any. I use a lot of ESP’s but this value is internal inside YAML…