How to reset MFA for a single user

I am using TOTP to secure my Home Assistant and it works fine for me.

However, my wife’s login has stopped accepting the code generated by her app.

I am able to reset her password from Settings > People but this does not do anything to MFA.

I am able to disable by own MFA from my profile page, but can’t see where to do this for other users.

How can I get her connected again without completely resetting MFA for everyone using my system?

Ok - I found the MFA token for the affected user in /config/.storage/auth_module.totp. I changed what was set in the code generator app on their phone to match that, and the new code generated worked to login.

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just had the same issue. in the authenticator app, you have to add a new account ith the key from that totp file above.

I had to get the user id from the people page to see which was which.

Hello. I’m having the same issue and I’m trying to locate Config however I don’t have that setting.

Any suggestions?