How to reset/pair a Sonoff ZBMINI without physical access to switch from Deconz to Zigbee2MQTT?

Hi all,

I have three Sonoff ZBMINIs installed inside electric outlets in my home, so they are not easily accessible.
I am in the process of switching from a Deconz (using Conbee 2) to Zigbee2MQTT (using a SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 Dongle). Both dongles are attached and running on a RPi 4 with Home Assistant OS.

According to this manual you need to push a button on the ZBMINI for 5 seconds to factory reset it and put it into pairing mode. I would like to avoid this, since the device are not easily accessible.

Does anyone know, if I can send command through the Phoscon/Deconz to put the devices into pairing mode? I have tried removing them from Phoscon, but was unable to pair it with Zigbee2Mqtt. Interestingly though, I was able to re-pair it with the Conbee 2 network after it did not work with Zigbee2Mqtt …

I have a similar question for a no-name Zigbee switch. I am using ZHA. I’ve looked under “Manage Zigbee Device” but can’t really identify any parameters there, but I’m guessing their might be one??

So I found (by accident) that the following worked for two out of my three devices:

  1. Remove the device in the Phoscon App (it was listed under “Lights”).
  2. Cut power to the device, wait a moment, and restore power. I waited ~10 seconds… although I did not time it.
  3. Pair the device with Zigbee2MQTT.

I stumbled across this by accident, while testing and I cannot guarantee that it will work, because for one of the devices it did not for some reason. Also I did not find any information on this procedure anywhere online.

It is explained here:

This is great. I had not seen it. Thanks so much for this!