How to 'restart' an interval

Is it possible to restart an interval? I have a use case where i have an EspHome with a screen. This screen shows readings, but i have to much sensors to fit on one screen. So i want to alternate the screens and use an interval to toggle an internal switch; use the value of that switch to determine which screen i should show.

When i enter the menu and go back to the ‘home screen’ i ideally would like to restart the interval so that the most important sensor readings are shown first and only after ‘x’ seconds the lesser important readings.

For this i would need to know how to restart the interval once i ‘exit’ the menu. Or would there be better options to achieve something like this?

Sounds like this is a question for :point_down:

Sounds like a task for pages (if your whatever “screen” you are using supports that)

Menu is something different than pages but (again, depending on your unknown “screen”) might be worth, check the docs here: