How to reuse Shelly Scenes with a webhook URL lovelace-button to an Shelly i4 device

Does anyone know what the commands / options are in the URL webhook string to a shelly i4 device?

I want to reuse the Shelly Scenes I have created in the Shelly app with a button in the Home Assistant dashboard (lovelace)

In the Shelly app I have connected my Shelly Scenes to a Shelly i4 device reacting to their Short (S), Double short (SS) and Long press (L) events on a fysical wall switch (pulse button).
Now I want to trigger these events on the i4 remotely “as if the wall button on the i4 was pressed”

Shelly has the option of webhooks and DDD (direct device to device communication) when I press a button on my Home Assistant Lovelace interface. An URL should be configured into the lovelace-button

So I want to directly communicate (DDD / WEBHOOKS) to the Shelly i4 from a Home Assistant lovelace button card by means of a DDD URL (webhook) to fire the events Short, Double shorts and Long press. But I do not know how to build the correct URL-string.

I know how to Webhook to a it for a relay device and for a dimmer device, but not for the i4. Can anyone give me a sample URL string? Or a list of keywords with its possible attributes.

The Shelly’s extended API documentation does not give me clarity how to use DDD / Webhook to an i4 device.

For example the URL:
Will switch output ON for 10 sec.

will not evoke / simulate a “double short press” on the first button of my i4
(S, SS and L are the correct codes for the events of button presses)

I have found Shelly’s extended API documentation, but I can’t make any chocolate of that for webhooks /DDD.

Or is there a different/better way to reuse the scenes I created in Shelly. I don’t want to maintain scenes in Shelly and in HASS. Everything in Shelly is tied to devices and the its shelly cloud, so I have to go via/through the i4 device, isn’t it?

hi there, did you found out how to call shelly scenes? I would love to use it in my rollers… to avoid creating again

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NO: But I found out that you just can not re-use a scene that you have created on the shelly device/shelly-cloud. It is impossible.

So you have to choose:

  • create scenes locally on the shelly-device/cloud, or
  • create scenes on your home assistant server and use the scenes in Home Assistant automations (or scripts / blueprint-scripts) where you can use the triggers of the shelly i4 of 1P, 1LP, 2P, 3P for each of the 4 buttons

1P = 1 short press
1L = 1 long press
2P = 2 shorts presses
3P = 3 short presses

PRO’s for local i4 scenes: if your Home Assistant Server does not work, the i4 buttons still work (as long as your wifi is working).

PRO’s for HA-scenes with automations: a lot more advanced automation possibilities because of availabilety of the statusses of all your other devices in Home Assistant.

So your choice may depend on the advanceness of the required automations.

Other thing to consider: if you do half in local Shelly and half in Home Assistant, how consistent / clear will your end solution be? Too hybrid will cause you pain if you don’t know anymore on what platform you made your “automation”.

I do not know what you have found out so far, but the following sources may interest you:

NOTE: The original post was refferring to Shelly Plus i4 devices. You are reffering to your rollers which will problably be connected with a Shelly Plus 2 PM

So my answer might not entirely be applicable to the Shelly Plus 2 PM.

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