How to run HAS on a hosted service?

Hello, i have a hosted service (not a dedicated VM or Server, just Space an URL/Domains) from 1&1 (a German provider) and like to know if i can install HAS there?
I use this to run PHP based software (Forum/Wiki/Own tools) and also have a shell access and Python available, but i can’t install software-packages or VM-tools like ESX or Docker, nor Python VENV.


It likely will not work for several reasons.

without python venv you’ll have no options left.
but then anyway, how would you have your local hardware talk to that machine, no integration would really work.

I see, so i’ve bought a small Raspberry-Pi as my Home-Server plattform and try to get it run there.

Installation done, now let’s see what this can do :slight_smile: