How to save user profiles?

Hi all. I am trying to save customised profile settings for users that remain after logout and login. More specifically, I want to set a dark theme and default Lovelace view (other than overview) for myself (admin) and another user (non admin). My updated settings seem to be applied. I can close tha HA app and when I re-open, the correct settings appear. However, if either user logs out then back in, the profile settings are lost and the user sees overview page on light theme. I cannot see any way to save/ commit settings in profile settings. Any ideas?

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I have the same problem.

Installed version:
Home Assistant OS 5.13 / core-2021.4.6

Hey mods, did I format the question incorrectly? I am surprised there are no answers for such a simple issue.

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I see the same issue, running 2021.7.4 on raspberry pi 4. Any user customizations done under the “user profile” such as theme colors, hide sidebar, selection of desired dashboard, are lost on logout and everything is back to default on next login. I have tested this for multiple users. As OP also stated this does not occur when closing browser, or even rebooting browser machine, only when user “logs out” under the profile section, then logs back in. Any way to preserve user settings across a log out and subsequent log back in?

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same issue here … any solutions or workarounds yet?

Still no solution.

Still nothing? I’m setting up a Home Assistant instance for my parents, and it’s very annoying I can’t customize their profiles as desired (setting theme colors, hiding sidebar items they don’t need to use, etc.). Home Assistant is overall so polished I feel I must be missing something here.

wanna keep this topic alive. same issue here. would be great to get a workaround or fix to this.

Some problem here, i’m trying this on Google Chrome, when i do changes on admin user or any other user, after log off and log in again, the changes are reverted, like to dark theme to light again, hidden options on sidebar appears again, and so…

Another thing i found strange, is that Google Chrome isn’t asking me to save the user and password when i log in to any user, thats strange.

I did a change to my Hassio adress and now i acces it using the port 8123 at the end (, maybe after this is when Google Chrome is not askig me to save de passwords, I will do some tests.

Any news on this? Very annoying I can’t force users to a specific dashboard.

It is so strange that Home Assistant can be great at so many things and absolutely suck at others. We have had the ability to add users for years but no developer has considered taking an hour to write a config file to save the user configuration.

We go to such extremes to secure our servers with certificates, strong passwords and 2FA but we can’t have a user login and have a custom sidebar or force them to a certain dashboard. This is just sad.

This is not a new thing either, people have been writing about ti for years and still no action.

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Same issue and keep me logged in doesn’t work either.

Same issue here and logs me out every time even though I click the “keep me logged in”.

I found this thread after wondering why it isn’t possible to save user settings, and this is now on Home Assistant 2023 10.11 02b
It can’t be true, we must be using the system incorrect!?

Ive been following this for many years, and I|m amazed as this is still not fixed. Can some one point me in a direction of how to fix this with one onse script or something?