How to scan for only a single iBeacon (espresense)?

Has anyone managed to configure this?

I suppose the first line of Filtering is what’s needed:

But I don’t understand what data do I need to put there?

Here’s my sensor config:

- platform: mqtt_room
  name: "Beacon 1"
  device_id: "iBeacon:AAAAAAAA-1212-B2B3-6E2E-ABCABC000001-1234-4321" # I redacted this
  state_topic: "espresense/rooms"
  away_timeout: 60

If I put iBeacon:AAAAAAAA-1212-B2B3-6E2E-ABCABC000001-1234-4321 in the field, then none of my beacons are detected, including this single one that I want to be detected.

Resolved: Include filter ignoring the included ID · Issue #1064 · ESPresense/ESPresense · GitHub