How to scroll in hasio console?


My device is in a weird state where everything works fine (in terms of automation), but I can’t seem to access the web interface and any api call also fails. I can easily log into the system and I’m trying to debug the issue by looking at the logs, but some of them are so long that they scroll past what I can read. How can I scroll the console up/down? I’ve tried the usual shift-page-up/down but that didn’t work.

I’m running the latest stable Hass OS and Google failed me here as well.


Use the Linux more command to paginate the output of your command.

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That would be fine if I was running on the command line, but I can only access the device right now through the local HA and by logging into that. Meaning I can only issue HA commands which doesn’t support | more | less or anything like that as far as I can tell.

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Hmm. I’ve definitely used it before. Maybe that was in the ssh web terminal addon.

Yes this definitely works with ssh, but I can’t if I just plug my HDMI to the raspPI and login as root (ie: the ha cli)

I did not figure out how to scroll. But I needed to to see which snapshots are available to restore one.
I used “snapshots --raw-json” which gives the snapshot names in one big line so you can see them.


Does anyone know a way to do this yet?

I’m also interested in doing this, because the current ha > CLI is hard to glean with so much info whizzing past, a few examples being the output from the commands

  • addons
  • hardware info

Use login to get to the shell.
There you can execute the ha commands, eg: ha snapshots |more


@bhavers - thanks for the tip with the ‘login’ command. It would be nice if the help menu would mention ‘login’ as an option.
It drove me nuts as well. I could not find a way for pagination scrolling, and could not find how to get to the underlying shell.


I am running into the issue (scrolling in HA). But how can one proceed in the shell? What commands can I use there?

Has anyone solved this? Seems crazy you cannot scroll up to see the outputs of a command.

For example:
ha snapshots
ha hardware info

Edit: Install ‘Terminal & SSH’ from HACS. Then Add Ons > ‘Terminal & SSH’ - allows you a more friendly console view.

Just to clarify the solution already stated in prior posts:
From the Home Assistant CLI prompt (ha >), enter the command login. This will start a “light” Linux command shell (ash). Now, you can enter any of the HA CLI commands (as well as any other commands supported by the shell, and pipe the output through the more command, which will paginate the output. Ex: ha addons | more
To return to the HA CLI, enter the exit command, which will terminate the shell.
I’ve added a request to have the Login command added to the CLI Help output.