How to see energy usage between date x and date y in Energy Dashboard (or differently)?

Is there a way to check the amount of (electrical) energy in kWh used between for example 1 Aug 2022 and 1 Aug 2023?

In the Energy Dashboard, you can only pick a calendar year to see the totals. But I can’t find a way to view a custom period.

I can’t seem to use the source sensor, because it only has the data of the past 2 weeks.

This is why I use multiple locations I have my data sent to, I have my HA data saved to influxdb and then I use grafana to plot and see historical data. I also upload my solar and consumption to PVoutput from my CT monitors. This gives another nice plot and you can go back to specific dates.

As far as what you are asking in the energy plot, I also can’t view a custom period.

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I have the long term data saved to InfluxDB as well. And in Graphana I can sort off view graphs of it.
But I never got around to figuring out how it works. All I know how to do is open a graph of a sensor. Not sure how to use it to get a value of “kwh used between x and y”.

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Ahh, yea, didn’t think about that either. Something else for me to now look into and go even further down that rabbit hole where I cannot see the sky. :rofl: I am sure it can be done as Grafana is pretty powerful in the customizations.

Same initial question for me to get data of a sensor between two dates…