How to see events from Traccar in Home Assistant?

Trying to use Traccar, which I have running on a Windows 10 VM inside FreeNAS with my Home Assistant (core). I want to be able to trigger events in HA from geolocations I’ve setup on the Traccar server.

I’ve updated the configuration.yaml file with my HA info and am calling all events from Traccar.

I’ve trying to use the Event Listener in the Dev Tools to listen for events from Traccar, but am not getting any even though I see them coming in on Traccar.

Am I going about this correctly?

update: I am seeing my devices that are being tracked via Traccar in my HA Entitites.

The updates from the devices are clearly passing through.

Im still struggling to understand how to do anything with them. Ive set up an automation to turn my porch lights off when I leave the house. I walk down the street and nothing works, but I am getting events in my Traccar server showing Ive left the house.

where did you found the events? i cant find them

I havent found them quite yet…

Ive found my devices from Traccar in my Home Assistant Entities.

I’m unable to trigger any automations with these entities, but I am able to see data from Traccar in Home Assistant if I make a card on my dashboard.

Unclear why I can’t use them to trigger anything though.

Playing with Node Red right now as another option, but am getting nowhere there either…

Has anybody hints for this problem? I’m using the same set up, own traccar server, listening to all events, device trackers configured in known_devices.yaml. I can see the position data, trackers are positioned in the right zones. I do see the events (geofence events) on the traccar page, but they do not show up in HA and I can’t even figure out how to debug this


Change your settings to listen for specific events e.g. geofence_enter, geofence_exit, etc.
Listening to all events (event: ["all_events"]) doesn’t work yet. This was already fixed but it’s not released yet.

  - platform: traccar
    host: !secret traccar_host
    username: !secret traccar_username
    password: !secret traccar_password
    event: ["geofence_enter", "geofence_exit"]

Listening to all events should work now. The release 2021.9.0 contains the fix.

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Reviving this. I was able to pick up events some time, but not anymore. The connection to trackers works.
I wanted to use more than one tracker and I’m trying to differentiate geofence per tracker.
As in: I’ve got 3 trackers which are bound to geofences. i want to trigger different actions per tracker/geofence. But I can’t pick up any events, although they do fire in traccar.
Anybody a hint why this doesn’t work?
And a second question: I’ve found no information on how to differentiate events cause bei dfiferent trackers. Is there any documentation?