How to see what is filling the Homeassistant SSD

There is something in my homeassistant installation what fills the SSD drive.
How can i see what causes this?
I can’t see nothing in the logs.

I make every day an automatic backup, 4 days ago the backup was 4 Gb, a day later 7GB and today 22gb.

I did not added anything the last days

Does somebody know what this can be?

I think you are backing up the previous backup files in addition to making an actual backup each time, which could be why it’s doubling in size.

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Makes sense, but also check your database and log sizes.

I think that the double backing up is the problem. i deleted all back-up’s, exept the last one.
i have a 128GB SSD, i was yesterday filled for 60%, now 30%
Still a lot of space, but better.

The database is purged, but i have 1 entity that filled the database a lot, but i don’t know how to delete the data of that entity

For backups, it’s generally best to make a backup, download it somewhere off the HA device, then delete the backup from the HA device. The backup almost does no good sitting on the device you’re trying to backup. If the device fails, your backups could as well and you might not even be able to access them again to restore it. AFAIK, the built in HA Backup system doesn’t provide a native way to do this, or a way to ignore the backups directory from getting backed up. I’ve seen a plugin that backs up to a google drive, which would be better if you use google drive. I haven’t used it, so can’t vouch for it, but you can check this out: Add-on: Home Assistant Google Drive Backup

Here’s another one that will backup to a samba share, allows scheduling, deletes old backups, etc: hassio-addons/samba-backup at master · thomasmauerer/hassio-addons · GitHub

I use the Home Assistant Google Drive Backup.
and there i can chooso if i let the backup on the drive, or delete it after sending it to google drive.
Thats the setting i now have configured.

You can check database using this addon Dbstats - Addon for database usage analytics - #4 by Michael_Dahl