How to send a frigate mp4 clip and how to open lovelace view tab using callback query?

Ok, I have the setup below for my telegram notification. It sends an image whenever it detects a motion and capture snapshot and clips. I’m testing it out before I moved out all my camera notifications to node red.


The final output is like this on telegram (Please excuse for the image and description, it’s just an inject node):


I want to use the inline keyboard “View Clip” to send **me a clip file in mp4 and I want to view my camera Lovelace tab in HA mobile app when I click “View Camera”.

These 2 actionable notifications I have already achieved these on HA mobile app notifications. I want to also implement this on Telegram.

I set up below for the callback but the data clip is missing because it is on the msg.payload on the first screenshot above:


How can I achieve this?

Would you mind showing how you did this?

Cheers, Richard

I just followed this guide Home Assistant Actionable Notifications on iOS AND Android - YouTube

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