How to send IP command to AVR

Very new to HA but loving the possibilities. My first “project” is to automate my home theatre. Ideally I want to use a n old android phone as a remote for everything in the home theatre. I figure this will be a good learning experience for future projects.

I currently have my tv, blu ray and AVR added as integrations and have created a basic card with buttons for the TV. My AVR is an anthem MRX 740 and while it is working with the “media player” control, I would like to create buttons that trigger specific IP commands as outlined in the published list. ( Currently at a loss.

TLDR want to create buttons that trigger IP commands to AVR.

The current integration specifically states:

The integration will maintain a persistent connection to the network control port which will prevent any other application from communicating with the receiver. This includes the Anthem iOS and Android remote control apps as well as the ARC-2 Anthem Room Calibration software. If you want to use another application that makes use of the network control port, disable this integration
and restart Home Assistant.

This means that if the commands you want aren’t supported by the current integration, write your own and disable the HA supplied one.

Personally, if there are must have features that I wanted I would write some bridge software to run on an ESP32. That’s only because I am more comfortable with C++ than Python.

Thank you kindly for the quick response. I was afraid the answer would be write your own integration. Nothing like the deep end to learn a new system! :slight_smile:

would it be easier to custom mod the existing integration?

I reckon. You can simply download the integration from Github, modify it then place in your custom_components folder.

Not saying I have done that :slight_smile: but I have installed existing components that were then modified by other users…