How to send RF signal using Sonoff Bridge?

I am trying to send the following RF code using the Sonoff Bridge:


This is my code:

      - rf_bridge.send_code:
          sync: 0x2FBC
          low: 0x01B8
          high: 0x04BA
          code: 0x9F42E1

The code above send the following signal:

How do it translate the Sync":9330,“Low”:300,“High”:920 values to the correct format? I want to match the Sync, Low, and High values.

Thanks for your help!

Try the next values
sync: 0x2472
low: 0x012C
high: 0x0398
code: 0x9F42E1

If they are not correct. Everything behind 0x is hexadecimal. Online you can find hexadecimal to decimal converters, which can calculate the values for you



  • 9330 → 0x2472
  • 300 → 0x12C
  • 920 → 0x398

Alternatively, have you tried just sending the decimal values? I am using a ESPHome-based Sonoff RF Bridge, and can just send decimal values directly.
And, templates can convert hex to decimal and vice versa if needed, e.g. hex-to-dec {{ '0xADAF09' | int(0,16) }} or dec-to-hex {{ "0x%0x" | format(11382537) | upper }}.

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