How to send sound notification to browser where HA UI is executed?

Hi guys,
I have several esp8266 connected to HA. Basically in each esp8266 I have a pull down button circuit (with 3 buttons per board). Each esp8266 is used by a different user in my factory. For each esp8266 I have a custom card in the lovelance ui where I show the status of the pushbuttons.
When a user presses one of the buttons, apart from the visual state change in the card, I would like to make a sound notification (on the browser where ha ui is opened) run so that the person who manages the interface is notified and looks at the screen.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Have a look at this add-on: GitHub - thomasloven/hass-browser_mod: 🔹 A Home Assistant integration to turn your browser into a controllable entity - and also an audio player
Essentially each web browser accessing HA is registered and multiple entities are generated including a media_player that you can use to play a sound in that web browser.

Thanks exxamalte, interesting i’m going test it