How to send updates from phone via Nabu Casa / Cloud

I’m testing Nabu Casa integration and I’m wondering how to configure the mobile app to send updates to my HA even when outside local network.
I enabled the webhooks but I’m not sure how to use them with the app. The remote UI also works properly and I can access it via web browser. The mobile app works only in LAN or via VPN. E.g. the battery and location is updated only when in LAN.

My goal is to send sensor updates not only when I’m home but also outside of my LAN. Is such thing possible? How to achieve that? I’d appreciate any help.

It should also work using Nabu Casa remote.

Android or iOS?

It also works via remote UI via browser. Is there a way to use remote UI in the app?

Edit: it’s Android

Yes. If you answered my question I could have told you how.

Sure, this is about Android but I may also have iOS devices included in the future

Well I don’t have an Android device but it should be similar.

Do this while connected to your local network. Make sure remote is connected on the Configuration / Home Assistant Cloud page.

In the app swipe the left hand menu open and select App Configuration.

Click on your account name.

Scroll down and fill out the Internal URL and External URL.

The internal URL should be http:<your_home_assistant_ip>:8123. Make sure you have added your SSID so the app knows when to switch to local mode.

The external URL should be set to Home Assistant Cloud (turn the switch on).

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The companion apps for iOS and Android both send their sensor data to your HA server using the same Nabu Casa URL. It sounds like you just need to configure it in the app settings.

If you re-install the app while your device is on the same network as your HA server, and your NC remote is active, it will be automatically detected and entered for you. But you can also add it yourself in the app settings.

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