How to set a switch to be turned on 8am-8pm with unreliable ZigBee connection?


My Aqara wall plug drops off the ZigBee mesh now and then, as can be seen in this screenshot. I want it to be turned on from 8am to 8pm. I don’t mind if doesn’t turn on right away in case of these intermittent issues, but I don’t want it to stay off all day in case it’s unreachable at 8am.

Can I do this by simple setting a trigger to turn it on at 8am and one to turn off at 8pm, or will I get issues from the intermittent connection issues?

Just set up multiple automations to turn it on every hour. I am sure you could do it with one automation, but this is the limit of my automation knowledge.

Thanks Stephen! That does sound a bit cumbersome but I’ll give it a go!