How to set a Switch to have Toggle, Double Click, Hold and Multi Click options?

I have a Moes Smart Switch with 4 buttons, connected using the Local Tuya to the Home Assistant. At the moment i can trigger different actions and scenes around the house using this switches, but i would like to add more funcions to them, like Press and Hold or Double Click.

Does Anyone knows how to do this?

Go to the Smart Switch device page in the integration list (Settings → Devices & Services). Are there a bunch of event entities listed there?

Hi, I bought a smart switch Meross , I would like to do this type of automation, but I don’t know how to do it… I’m a beginner, can someone help me please? in the entities I only have the switch

Nope, the problem is that I was trying to use a regular on/off switch to do the job of a press/hold or double click button. For this to be possible, the switch has to come with this functions from factory. A option that i found for this is the zigbee and wi-fi button scene, they allow me tu use press and hold.