How to set presence state with Netatmo Welcome camera


I have 2 Netatmo Welcome (indoor) camera’s with face detection. This works pretty well. Thanks to the integration, I am able to use a webhook and get a notification when it sees someone. I’ve managed to extract the ‘name’ of the person detected, which I can get in a notification for example. However, I would like to set home status with this as well.
E.g: camera detects ‘John’ --> John state becomes ‘home’.

Is the presence state suitable for this, or does it only work with tracking devices? If so, can I create a tracking device based on the camera?

Situation: Home Assistant on RPi 4 (110.1)

It is not possible yet but a Netatmo device tracker is in the planning.

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Maybe relevant for others, but I use a workaround now by having a virtual device tracker that changes state based on detection event by Netatmo.

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Hey @repjas, care to share that in the Netatmo webhook based event cookbook?

Just did it!

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