How to set step value for input_number?

how can I set the step value for a input_number i created using the GUI?
I can use the input_number in my automations, but it is not listed in any yaml file.

You use the increment or decrement input number service, documented here:

Yes, I am using that service, but the value is always just increased/decreased by 1.
Can I give the ´step´ value as data to that service? I thought it has to be a configuration value of the entity itself.

step is a config parameter for the input_number and the increment / decrement service calls will only change the value by that value.

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yes, that is what I thought.
But how can I change that config parameter?
It is not available via the GUI, and the entities are not in any of the yaml files. :confused:

When you create the input_number in the GUI it gives you the option to select the step value.


Sadly, it doesn_t :confused: Not even when I edit it after creation.

But I found a solution: I just created a new entity with all the exact values the original one has (including the name and id) and set the step value. It is not that intuitive, but it worked.

Sorry, that my screenshots are german :expressionless:

Thank you all anyway for your replies :slight_smile:

No worries, fairly sure my comment was the solution though… :wink:

Yes, it was. I had to activate the advanced mode. :see_no_evil: