How to set the number of leds in Zigbee2mqtt

So i finally got my new led driver installed in zigbee2mqtt
before this i was using Wled, but i had a lot of issues with it losing connection.

So i have bought this led driver:

I have first installed it in ZHA(zigbee home assistant) But i had little functionality

So now i installed it in my Zigbee2mqtt (i have both running side by side)
And i have been able to add it, with some hassle, but its only lighting up the first 3 pixels.
Im trying to find a setting for the amount of pixels. But for the life of me i cannot find it.
Hoping someone can tell me how this should be done.

found the following site:

Unfortunatly i cannot find anything about the amount of leds.
It should be somewhere you would think.

If it’s not on that page, I don’t think it’s supported. In any case, probably something you should be raising on the Z2M forum.