How to set time (input_datetime) via touchscreen without keyboard?

Am I missing something, or is the time field of the input_datetime entity not touchscreen friendly?


The date value is easy to select via a popup calendar component, but adjusting time requires a keyboard. Hopefully I’m missing something obvious, so I’m wondering how others are handling this.

When using my tablet, tapping the time portion reveals an on-screen keyboard consisting of a numeric keypad and a few miscellaneous other keys. Is that what you meant when you said “requires a keyboard”? Or did you mean a physical keyboard?

The same thing happens for any input_datetime consisting exclusively of the time (i.e. no date).

I forgot to mention/consider that this isn’t a mobile operating system (Windows PC driven screen), so I don’t have an on-screen keyboard, or access to a physical keyboard.

I see.

You may want to look for a custom Lovelace card that provides a different UI for an input_datetime. Here’s one but there are probably others: