How to set up a 3 way dimmer?

Hi all, thanks in advance for your help.

I’ve been struggling over the past few days to setup an automation. Basically, I have three different Z Wave Zen dimmer switches that are each their own circuit to a light fixture. I want to be able to tap up on any paddle to turn them all on, tap down on any to turn them all off, but crucially also be able to set the brightness on one paddle and have it replicated to all the other switches.

I’ve tried a number of things but have gotten really tripped up on a choose building block with templating. I’ve tried reading the brightness from any switch as an automation trigger, but the brightness turns to None when the switch is off. I haven’t entirely wrapped my head around the templating syntax.

Has anyone done something similar where they parse out the state of one switch and update other switches and lights to the on, off, and dimmer state?

The easiest way to set this up is to use Z-Wave Associations. This allows one Z-Wave device to directly control another Z-Wave device. What model dimmer do you have?

Have you explored Helpers? I don’t know how it handles dimmer switches(don’t have any), but you can group switches.